A New Life

Hey there!

Lots of changes have been happening in my world—I’m not ready to talk about everything quite yet, but some I’m ready to shout from the rooftops!

Monday marked my first day NOT working during the day. I was sure I would feel some sort of regret about leaving a job, that I did not love but that has yet to happen. I’m pretty proud of myself, actually. It took a TON of courage to quit, but I am so very happy that I did.

That being said, I have quite a bit of free time these days. I’m working about four nights a week as a server, but my days are very open. Because I have a history with depressive tendencies (I’m hesitant to say full on depression), I’ve set some rules for myself so I maintain structure and productivity in my life. The truth is that I could easily sit on the couch and watch reruns of Las Vegas on TNT and get sucked back into Days of Our Lives. Yes, I said “back”…another story for another day.

1. Maintain a reasonable bed time and wake time.


(One of my favorite morning shots, courtesy of Tom Panko.)

This is pretty easy for me to do because I love the morning. My natural alarm clock never lets me sleep later than 8:00 or 8:30, but I’ve been getting up these last few mornings at 7:30. Oh, and I’m usually falling asleep on the couch by 10:00 pm, like the elderly lady I am, so don’t expect me to turn into any kind of night owl now that I don’t technically HAVE to get up in the morning.

2. Stay away from the TV during the day.

I plan on enjoying a day here or there enjoying some quality couch time—everyone deserves this kind of relaxation once and a while. But, I know myself. I know if I put that television on during the middle of the day, all productivity will be completely over. So, you’ll find me watching some of the Today show in the morning and then shutting the tube OFF. We have an IPod speaker system, so I have Pandora wired up on speakers, it does the trick just as well. Now if only Pandora could come up with some sort of stream for this…

3. Making a List for everything.

My list from yesterday has kind of run into today as well…some of the things require loose ends get tied up. Simply, write it down, do it, check it off, feel accomplished. Nothing makes staying on task easier than an old fashioned list.

4. Shower.

Yes, I have to say it. No one likes a girl who lays around on the couch all day while watching Days of Our Lives..especially one who doesn’t bathe.

Do you spend days at home? What are your tips for maintaining mental sanity? I’m sure I’ll be needing them!


Where have you been?

Hello there, blog world. It has been a while.

I have been busy working two jobs and living life. I haven’t been able to blog and truthfully, I haven’t wanted to until today. In recent weeks (maybe even months) I have been feeling so negative and in not wanting to share that with you, I have simply not blogged.

So, finally, I took some control of the things around me…and…

I quit my job.

I have worked at my current job for one year, I felt completely stuck and unhappy.

My current plan is to pick up some more hours at my waitressing night job, take a few minutes to breathe, and decide what is next…maybe school, maybe a move, maybe a new job in my field. Who knows?

I thought I would feel regret or be scared out of my mind after I told my bosses my decision….but I have yet to feel like this choice is anything but the best for me. And that is very empowering.

Photo 18.jpg

I can’t wait to have more time to devote to this blog–there are so many things I’ve wanted to improve, edit, and tweek and I KNOW I will have time to make it a true reflection of who I am.

So in the spirit of the eliminating the negative, here is a list of 5 things I’ve been LOVING lately.

1. Red Wine.
As far as alcohol is concerned, I like all of the major food groups. I love a thick, stouty beer; a crisp, refreshing vodka and soda with lime; and a citrusy glass of sauvignon blanc–it all depends on my mood. But lately I have been exploring red wine and I am in LOVE. I like a full bodied wine like this Penfolds shiraz/cab blend or any Zinfandel and Malbec. It takes the chill out of the air, I swear!


2. Not running.

I ran in the Susan G. Komen 5k in Albany on October 3, with the plan that it would be my last race and run until after Christmas. I have tendonitis in both knees and a heel spur in my right foot. In my opinion this means that my body is crying out for a break, so I’m taking one.

But I didn’t think I would like it. I thought they would have to tear me away kicking and screaming from that treadmill.

I was so wrong.

Hot yoga has completely filled any gap that not running would have left in my full workout heart. Now, don’t get me wrong, running will always have its place in my world and I fully intend to pick it back up when my body is ready. But hot yoga is challenging both mentally and physically unlike anything I have ever done. And I am loving every minute of it.

Fact: Every time I try to go into camel pose, I start to hysterically cry. Jennilee says it is because it is such a heart opener that everything tender around my heart rushes to the head. Oye. I don’t see anyone else breaking down in class.

3. These perfectly gorgeous ladies.


These are a pair of velvet and satin high, high heels that I bought for my friend’s wedding on January 1st.
I NEVER buy heels over two inches. I am 5’8” as it is and I’ve never felt comfortable in heels. It is even rare that I buy myself new shoes, I have weird feet issues and it is hard to find anything that is cute and fits well. But I tried these on today I knew I had to bring them home to live with me forever.
Can you blame me?

4. Glee.
Please refrain from making fun of me for jumping on the bandwagon later than most, but I JUST fell in love with Glee. It wasn’t until Idina Menzel, whom I LOVE from Rent, made a guest appearance and sang Poker Face with Lea Michele that I became hooked.
Fact: I have a sick obsession with Rent and the soundtrack, I know every word to every song. We used to blare it in my house in college.

5. My wide open future.
Leaving a job is scary business, but I was so very ready. I am loving the thought that right now, anything and everything is an option. I could start over from scratch if I want to. Usually that would make me feel sick to my stomach, but I am so embracing it right now.

What are YOU loving lately?   

My Take on Marie Claire

I was not going to put in my two cents about the Hunger Diaries article “written” by Katie Drummond in this month’s edition of Marie Claire. I was going to leave it all to the eloquent reponses of Kath, Tina, Caitlin, Meghann, and Heather. Really, I was.

But then I got to thinking. And the more I thought about the out of context words and images that Drummond painted the more I got angry. Mostly, I’m angry because I was lucky enough to attend the Healthy Living Summit in August. I was able to meet awesomely amazing bloggers and blog readers who shared my common passion in living a healthy…and HAPPY life, with the word “happy” being emphasized. And if Katie Drummond did not walk herself right into the Healthy Living Summit with an agenda, then I’d like a better explanation of her words, because the positivity in those rooms could not be ignored.

I’m not saying that the issues that Drummond speaks about in the article don’t exist. ED’s are alive and real within this blogging community and I’m sure they have been triggered by blogs. Maybe we should be thankful to Drummond for drudging all of this to the forefront—it should NEVER be ignored. But I believe the we are all so outraged about this because Drummond’s article takes advantage of those extremely serious, life-threatening issues and uses them in a sensationalist manner, to gain readers. The hypocrisy cannot be ignored…flip the pages in Marie Claire and see airbrushed models, emaciated and pushing these images into the minds of our youth…something that we as bloggers work tirelessly to break.

So please, look at some of my favorite pictures from this year. I hope that you will see a HAPPY, healthy woman who gains strength and power from fitness and healthy foods. Since I started seesinglive in April, I have made new friends. I have had new experiences. And I have pushed myself to achieve things I never thought were possible. If that is wrong, Katie Drummond, then I don’t want to be right.  














The Weekend Rush

Hey There!

This was the first weekend since June that I haven’t had a single thing planned. Nope, you heard right, not one. And it was glorious. Beyond glorious. Except it is over and I’m already feeling the Monday Blues. Anyway, here are completely random eats from Friday.


Look familiar? I have an addictive personality, breakfast foods included!


An apple snick-snack while I waited for lunchtime.


I try hard to at least bring my lunch to work 4 out of 5 days for all of the usual reasons (money saving, calorie control)—the other 1 day is reserved for delicious takeout cravings–ie:Chicken with broccoli and white rice. Confession: I have a sticky white rice obsession. The stickier the better. Right, Mom?

Don’t be alarmed by the following “dinner”:


Yes, that is a piece of bread. Yes, it has butter. And yes, it was a part of my Friday night dinner….
This piece of bread x 2, one bite of carrot cake, one handful of French fries, and one spoonful of risotto. Cleary not healthy, but when I waitress at night, sometimes this is as good as it gets. I do make an effort to order something healthy or eat before I go, but with a crazy, busy night like I had, this had to suffice!

When my alarm went off on Saturday morning at 7:30, my body very much wanted to stay in bed. I ran my butt off waitressing on Friday night and these bones really needed some extra rest. But, I knew that I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t get up and go to my 9 AM Hot Vinyasa Class.

My favorite instructor was back from a three week hiatus. While I really liked the two instructors who filled in for her, Jenilee has an incredible way of pushing you mentally and physically outside of your comfort zone in the greatest way. I was very thankful to have her back. And she kicked my butt! I am so today, in that good, “I earned these sore muscles” type of way.

After yoga I came home and scrubbed the apartment from top to bottom! Having a clean house makes life so much better! I even sat on the floor in my bathroom and cleaned all around the edges of the floor. So rewarding to have a sparkling house!

The rest of the day was spent lounging, catching up on mindless tv, and napping. Since John won his first trophy as a XC coach yesterday, we went out for a mini celebration. We went to Applebees…which is really not the greatest, but as long as you know what to order you can have a good meal. We started with spinach and artichoke dip, and I had an Oriental Chicken Salad. It was just okay. My standard there is a Chicken Fajita Roll Up, but I was looking to get in some greens. Unfortunately the salad was mostly just coleslaw mix without any dressing. From there, we met some friends out for drinks.

I think I’ve talked about this before on SSL, but my body cannot handle alcohol the way it used to . Over the course of about 6 hours last night, I had one beer with dinner, one glass of wine shortly after, and I took about a two hour break before having two vodka and club sodas. I didn’t really feel drunk or buzzed when we went to sleep at 1 am. But I was mad at myself when I woke up at 6:30, wide eyed. Regardless of how tired my body is, my sleep is always interrupted when I drink. Now that I’m almost 25, feeling like crap and not sleeping is not worth having the few drinks I did. Don’t get me wrong, I love socializing and catching up with friends over a few drinks or enjoying the perfectly chilled beer or crisp glass of wine. But even with a slight hangover, my ability to make healthy choices is definitely compromised. This is all part of getting older, I suppose.

Today has been filled with football and more relaxing. The highlight of my upcoming week looks something like this…



What is in a day?

Good morning bloggies! This will be a quick post as I am scurrying off to work soon.

I know that many bloggers out there use their blog space as a food journal, documenting their eats for the whole day in pictures. This doesn’t work for me mostly because I’m on the go a lot and can’t seem to remember to snap a photo before I eat anything. But as I’m trying to drop a few pounds that I gained at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I’m going to attempt to publish my eats for the entire day for the next few days. I will use this as a tool for myself to see what I need to cut down on and what my diet is lacking. It will be a great way to stay conscious about what I’m putting into my body. So here is what was in my day, yesterday.

1/2 c Oats with one runny egg, a sprinkle of cheese, and hot sauce.


Half of a blueberry glazed donut in my office that a sales person brought for us (trying to woo us into leasing HER copy machine…and let me tell you, keep bringing donuts and you may have a deal.) I ate the other unpictured half of this donut later in the afternoon.

Pre-Lunch Apple

Steamed broccoli over a toasted 100 calorie “sub” with marinara sauce and cheese

Dessert: Piece of Adora chocolate

Since I didn’t work out in the morning yesterday like I usually do, I fueled for a short run with half an English muffin with pb around 5:00 pm.

Dinner was SO. GOOD. John made chicken and dumplings…doesn’t it look like soul food? It was perfect. So good I went back for seconds.


I also had a pumpkin spiced coffee from DD on my way to work.

Have a great Friday!

Jessica’s Batchelorette Party

Hello Friends!

Another weekend has flown by–I swear I blink and it is Sunday night.

Yesterday afternoon, after another wonderful hot yoga class, I set out on a lovely little road trip. My friends Jessica and Will are walking down the aisle on January 1, 2011, and last night the bridal party (including myself) hosted a Batchelorette Party extravaganza!

The day started like this:IMG_0189.JPG

It was a nice, sunny, fallish day—awesome for driving. I packed a tasty lunch for the road and found a radio station that played songs that I was rocking out to…really the perfect mix of ’80s and ’90s (Kiss by Prince, anyone?) and before I knew it was in familiar territory…


(I ❤ you, Oswego)

After two hours, I exited the boring Thruway and was relying completely on my GPS to eventually find this…


Fear, not! Even though it looks like my GPS guided me to a dirt road that appeared to run into Lake Ontario…I was just about to the scene of the crime…


Bridesmaid Amanda has this completely adorable family cottage RIGHT on Lake Ontario and she graciously invited us all up for the night.

I was immediately in love. You know how I feel about family summer homes on the water—they remind ME of home! Everything about this place was perfect. Particularly the view…


Lake Ontario is like the ocean, but better because it is a lake 🙂

The theme for the evening was Ugly Bridesmaid (and bride) and while I wasn’t prepared to participate, Jess’s friend Maria brought an extra ugly gown with her, so, thanks, Maria!


Jessica and I have been best friends since we were 15: We shared a twisted sense of humor and a love for senior boys and the Dave Matthews Band. Not much has changed, except ten years has passed and she is getting married in a few months. John and I are both in this wedding and I can’t to share her special day with her.


With sisters Rachel and Gretchen…


Love these girls!

Here we are as a big, ugly group of bridesmaids!


This was pretty much the exact Batch party I would want…we drank some wine outside, chatted, played a few games, had an impromptu dance party, and we were in bed by 10 pm! Kind of lame, but I had an awesome night of sleep–I could hear the waves lapping on the beach, it was heavenly.

I am trying to get organized for this week, and we are watching the Colts/Giants game…but I will be in bed shortly. Have a great Monday!

At a Loss.

I started this blog in April. I was in the airport on the way home from a spring vacation with John when it dawned on me that I could actually be apart of the community that I so actively followed. I realized I could actually have a voice again–something that had once been so strong but had been lost in shuffle of my post-graduate blues (that I still can’t seem to shake).

While See Sing Live is still a work in progress, I didn’t expect to feel so strong again or to make blends or to travel halfway across the country to be apart of something bigger than myself.

That being said, recently, I have been at a loss for words. I cannot seem to find my niche in this big blog world. Each time I set out to author a post, I write a few lines, delete them, and shut my laptop.

When life doesn’t flow, the words don’t flow.

So I’m hoping that if I just find the way to start to type–one finger in front of the other–it will come. It may not be pretty, but at least it will be.