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Fridge Love

I have this secret love for my refrigerator that has nothing to do with the food inside.

I spend alot of time in my kitchen. I have an open kitchen with a high-top table where I do most of my at home work. I enjoy my morning coffee and breakfast while catching up on blogs. I do my homework, pay my bills, and do paperwork at my little table next to my fridge. I don’t get to spend much time at home, so I’ve created my own little grown-up space to try to keep myself organized….key word here is “try”.
Anyway, I love my fridge because on it I have everything that I have to look forward to and everything to be proud of. Whenever I look at it, I get happy, plain and simple.

My fridge reminds me of the upcoming wedding celebrations of the people I care about most. I have 5 total this year, and I am just not ready to take down my friend Jessica’s wedding invite from New Year’s Day this year….it was that special to me!

I have my garbage and recycling schedule posted so I never forget when to put out my bags, it also has tips on staying green all year long. I like to be reminded of my grade report for my class–an A so far!–I feel like a little kid again with it hanging on the fridge, but I am proud!

I have my grocery list, courtesy of Arnold’s and Orowheat, from the HLS. As soon as I am out of something in the food department, I conveniently write it down here.

On the side of my fridge I keep a calendar to keep me on track for the month. I also have a 13.1 half marathon magnet, to keep me inspired to achieve my goal of someday running a half, a lovely thank you note from my friend’s mom, and a quick note from a funny story involving Jet’s QB Mark Sanchez that makes me chuckle every time I walk by.


My fridge reminds me of the sweet faces in my life that I love so much. These Christmas cards make me happy all year long.
What do you put on your fridge?


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Welcome Back, Sarah

The last time I posted on See Sing Live was on November 7, 2010. I cannot believe that it has been almost 5 months. I needed to take a break from it all because it is my goal to share with anyone who stops at this site the most authentic version of myself. At the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 my life changed so drastically and so quickly that I didn’t even know who I was or wanted to be anymore.

Now, I find myself in such a better place than I have been in years. After leaving a job and starting a new one, ending a very long-term relationship, living on my own for the first time, and starting my journey of changing careers–I finally find myself on the right road.

I have not been totally absent though! I have been reading and following my favorite blogs consistently and I am so excited to dive back into this community, if you’ll have me.

I feel like we need to catch up though! So I want to share with you some wonderful moments from the past 5 months, starting with my best friend’s wedding…

Jessica and I have been best friends since we were 15. I was so grateful to be in her wedding because it felt like a huge milestone in not only her life, but my life, too! I consider her family to by my second family, so this was a very emotional event for me!

When Jess and her fiance Will decided to get married on Jan 1, 2011, I was immediately thrilled because I love winter weddings and I knew that I didn’t have to worry about New Year’s Eve plans because of the rehearsal dinner.


We had an excellent time with the anticipation of the New Year and a fun wedding in the air. We stayed at the rehearsal hall until just after midnight, so we could see the ball drop…then the girls headed back to Jessica’s for a fun sleep over.
When we woke up in the morning, everyone was a bit groggy from celebrating New Year’s Eve with just a bit too much champagne, but the anticipation of seeing my best friend get married to the love of her life snapped me right out of it.

We got out hair and makeup done and enjoyed bagels and mimosas. It was a wonderful morning.

When Jessica finally got dressed, I was in awe! Look at how gorgeous she looked. I hope that I am that beautiful and that calm if I ever get married. She looked so glamorous and so elegant!

I absolutely loved my dress, my hair and makeup, my gloves, and the flowers we carried. It was all so reminiscent of Old Hollywood. Did I mention how emotional I was? I woke up crying and was still crying the next morning when we had to say goodbye–I am just so happy for my friend.
I don’t have any pictures from the ceremony because I was in it, but it was amazing. The lovely minister was a woman who spent many months prior to the wedding developing a strong relationship with Jessica and Will–and she incorporated that into her sermon. It was the perfect balance of spirituality and the love that Jess and Will share for each other.
Next up was the reception!

I could NOT get over how freaking beautiful this place was. We are still talking about it. The reception was held at the Franklin Plaza in Troy, New York. It is an old bank and the coolest building ever.
Cocktail hour was in an upstairs venue and then we went down the stairs into this amazing, beautiful room!

Dinner, speeches, traditional dances and major partying took place.

The whole place was still decorated from Christmas–it was incredible.

We were all sad when it was over but the Franklin is so amazing that they make sure that they party continues at the hotel across the street. They brought over all of the extra alcohol from the bar to Jessica’s parent’s suite so we had a place to keep the party going.

I was obviously finished at this point–lack of sleep, all of the excitement and too many drinks sent me to bed much earlier than everyone else.
The day was incredible and I was so happy to stand next to my best friend on the most important day of her life!

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Jessica’s Batchelorette Party

Hello Friends!

Another weekend has flown by–I swear I blink and it is Sunday night.

Yesterday afternoon, after another wonderful hot yoga class, I set out on a lovely little road trip. My friends Jessica and Will are walking down the aisle on January 1, 2011, and last night the bridal party (including myself) hosted a Batchelorette Party extravaganza!

The day started like this:IMG_0189.JPG

It was a nice, sunny, fallish day—awesome for driving. I packed a tasty lunch for the road and found a radio station that played songs that I was rocking out to…really the perfect mix of ’80s and ’90s (Kiss by Prince, anyone?) and before I knew it was in familiar territory…


(I ❤ you, Oswego)

After two hours, I exited the boring Thruway and was relying completely on my GPS to eventually find this…


Fear, not! Even though it looks like my GPS guided me to a dirt road that appeared to run into Lake Ontario…I was just about to the scene of the crime…


Bridesmaid Amanda has this completely adorable family cottage RIGHT on Lake Ontario and she graciously invited us all up for the night.

I was immediately in love. You know how I feel about family summer homes on the water—they remind ME of home! Everything about this place was perfect. Particularly the view…


Lake Ontario is like the ocean, but better because it is a lake 🙂

The theme for the evening was Ugly Bridesmaid (and bride) and while I wasn’t prepared to participate, Jess’s friend Maria brought an extra ugly gown with her, so, thanks, Maria!


Jessica and I have been best friends since we were 15: We shared a twisted sense of humor and a love for senior boys and the Dave Matthews Band. Not much has changed, except ten years has passed and she is getting married in a few months. John and I are both in this wedding and I can’t to share her special day with her.


With sisters Rachel and Gretchen…


Love these girls!

Here we are as a big, ugly group of bridesmaids!


This was pretty much the exact Batch party I would want…we drank some wine outside, chatted, played a few games, had an impromptu dance party, and we were in bed by 10 pm! Kind of lame, but I had an awesome night of sleep–I could hear the waves lapping on the beach, it was heavenly.

I am trying to get organized for this week, and we are watching the Colts/Giants game…but I will be in bed shortly. Have a great Monday!

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Hello There! I’m back. I’ve been missing because of my ridiculously busy life for the past week, but here I am with plenty to share.

Today I completed the Boilermaker 15K in Utica, NY–they biggest 15k in the country–and boy, it was BIG! This is the farthest distance I have run to date, and I am feeling pretty proud of myself, but more on that shortly.

Yesterday morning, my partner in racing Yvette and I drove to Utica (about an hour from my hometown) to pick up our packets for the race. We left at about 6:45 because we had to be back by 11 to attend a memorial service for a friend of both of our families. The packet pick up and expo had me VERY excited for the race, especially when I recognized Ashley, as we were browsing the same booth at the Expo! I am so excited to meet a blog celebrity, especially one that I read frequently. She was so sweet and took the time to chat with me for a few minutes and snap a picture with her camera (of course I left mine in my car!)
From there, Yvette and I rushed back home to attend the memorial and then I took a nice, wonderful, fabulous 3 hour nap on my mom’s couch. It was everything I hoped for and more.
At around 5:00 I got myself organized and got ready for an evening wedding of a close family friend. DeAnna and her daughter Cassandra have been friends of my family for years and I can remember Cassandra’s 1st Birthday party! Time flies, and now she is in high school, all grown up, and beautiful. DeAnna married Todd yesterday at a beautiful location right on the water. It was gorgeous and lots of fun. But before the wedding I scarfed some pasta with butter—my childhood favorite meal—to carb up for the race today. I knew that the wedding would be mostly appetizers and I wanted to guarantee I had a good meal

Cute, no?

Cassandra walking down the aisle before her mom.
DeAnna walking down the aisle with both of her parents.
My date, my mom and I at the reception.
Yvette and I enjoying our ONLY drink of the night because of the big race this morning.
We left the wedding around 9:00 and made our way to ANOTHER family party that we both had to attend. This was an extension of the memorial service earlier in the day in the form of a big bash on the beach with fireworks and music. I only stayed for about an hour because I knew that 5:30 am would come quickly and I needed to rest my body so I could be fully prepared for the race today.
There is nothing like fireworks on the beach on a hot summer night!
My good friends Luke and Mike play music together. They are incredibly talented and I love listening to them. This beach house is right on the lake and I think the acoustics of the water made them sound even better than usual.

So, the race. My morning started at 5:00 am. I quickly changed and gathered my gear that I had laid out the night before. I packed a pb sandwich for the ride and a few granola bars and I met Yvette at her house at 5:30. We arrived in Utica at around 6:45, and thank goodness we did because we waited in line for the portapotties for probably 45 minutes. My nerves were building, but my adrenaline was rushing and I was feeling very ready for the race ahead. Did I mention there were 13,000 runners today? Yes, Thirteen Thousand. Ridiculous. While we were waiting for the race to start we were feeling very claustrophobic, so when the alarm sounded and we started to move I was thankful. It took about 5 minutes to cross over the start line and for a while I felt like cattle being herded. When I finally had some space, I felt much more comfortable.
I was aware that this course was hilly, and I knew about the first two, grueling hills and was prepared. Mile 4 is pretty much all up hill through a golf course and I flew up it and even faster down it. That was the second hill, so when I was at the bottom and on flat ground again I thought the hills had past–boy was I wrong. Mile 6 was by far the most difficult part of the course with a gradual, long hill that is about a mile long. My legs felt heavy and I lost some steam, but the thought of stopping never crossed my mind. Yvette and I were separated, but at around mile 7 she found me and we were able to finish together! I absolutely loved that this race had bands or dj’s every half mile and that they crowds cheering you on were huge. Water station were very frequent, but I found my new favorite race treat–freeze pops! People in the crowds were giving freeze pops to the runners and I had three during the course of the race. The cold, icy pops are refreshing and the sugar gives you a burst of energy. I was in heaven! The only real complaint I have about the race today was that after we made it through the chute at the finish, we walked for about 4 tenths of a mile before any water was to be found. I asked a volunteer where water was and she snapped back at the to keep moving. Finally we found some Vitamin water because I was starting to feel a bit faint.
In case you didn’t know, the Boilermaker ends with a HUGE party at the Matt Brewery with free beer and live bands. It was pretty much heaven. I had a few cups of Saranac Pomegranate Wheat beer, enjoyed my free lunch, and listened to great music. The crowd was dancing and loving life! Yvette and I both said we will definitely do this race next year. I’m still unsure of my time since there was such a delay crossing the start line, but I am confident it was under 1:30, which is all I was shooting for. I’ll search the website tomorrow to see if the times are posted yet. I left my camera at the car, but here is one shot of us getting back in the car after taking the shuttle bus back to the start area after the party
The hour ride home was a bit torturous. My legs started to cramp up and my stomach started to feel a bit off, but it was nothing that a shower and quick nap couldn’t fix.

I left my moms and was happy to get back to John and the apartment. We went to a BBQ at his Aunt’s house and I spent some time after visiting with my friend Jess.

I’m about to watch an episode or two of Alias on my computer in bed and zonk out–I am so exhausted. I found the first two season’s of Alias on dvd at my mom’s and I’m loving watching them. It was my favorite show when it was on tv and I was pretty devastated when it got cancelled! Jennifer Garner is my girl crush…just sayin’!

Do you have any shows that you wish you could bring back to primetime that got axed?

I also feel that way about Veronica Mars!

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